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Our Commitment to Protecting Your Privacy

The process of medical credentialing inherently involves personal and sensitive information. At Express Credentialing, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of privacy standards for all our clients and/or prospective clients. Express Credentialing follows the information privacy standards set forth by both National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO).

Prospective Clients

Express Credentialing will never share any information provided for the purpose of obtaining a quote for services with any third party. Any information provided as part of a quote request, general information request or any initial inquiry into our company will be retained for up to 90 days and will be securely discarded. Express Credentialing employs an “opt in only” policy for its mailing list. We will never send advertisement emails to any email address provided through our site with the exception of those email addresses that are entered into our “join our mailing list” portal.

Current Clients

Express Credentialing collects initial credentialing information from providers via our secure web server. Once that information is approved by our staff, it is transferred to our secure, standalone database which is protected from attacks on our servers through the internet. All digital and paper forms are housed securely in our offices which are under 24 hours video surveillance and monitored alarm services. At the conclusion of services, any documents not already returned to the client will be disposed of in a secure manner to ensure the client’s personal information is never compromised.

Payment Information

Express Credentialing accepts payment by check, money order, credit card or electronic check. Credit card transactions made using an Express Credentialing authorization form are processed using a third party. For one time payments, Express Credentialing does not retain our client's credit card information after a transaction has been processed. Credit card and electronic check payments made through the Express Credentialing website are completed using a secure third party with encrypted data transmission.

HIPAA Regulations

Physician credentialing information is not subject to protection under HIPAA regulations. Express Credentialing does not collect, store or process protected patient information. Patient information is limited to legal documents and explanations regarding a provider's history of malpractice litigation and all information. Such information is a matter of court record and any aspect of patient health information protected by HIPAA would have been previously removed and/or excluded from such court documents.